Flooding Morning After Hurricane Irene

This is the flooding we experienced after hurricane Irene. The baseball field is a river, the basketball and tennis courts are swimming pools, the play area is in the creek, and our street is under water. My building is now on a small island and there is no way out, no electricity, no cable and no internet. Our cell phones are all unable to find a connection. Good thing I’m a Mainer and know what to do in these situations. Evacuation bags are packed and stowed in the windowless bathroom, the bathtub is full of water, fridge and freezer are full of ice and food, plenty of candles, a gas stove, flashlights and batteries, radio and batteries, personal dvd player is all charged up. My ipod is charged and connecting to some super slow phantom wireless internet connection, I have no idea where it’s coming from, it was never here before, but it at least lets me check twitter and see a few videos of what’s going on outside our little island.